How to Produce Oxidized Bitumen?

How to Produce Oxidized Bitumen?

Oxidized Bitumen Production process:

1. Oxidized bitumen heating to 265-270 °C

2. Transferring melted oxidized Bitumen to blowing towers

3. Blowing air to bitumen

4. Cooling melted bitumen with water

5. Packing.

The procedures of manufacturing Oxidized bitumen are as follows:

1. Continuous blowing procedure

2. Discontinuous blowing procedure

These 2 procedures are done by different 2 procedures named catalysis and anticatalysts. catalysis means adding some chemical material during the method so as to decrease blowing reaction time.

These are benefits of the discontinuous manufacturing procedure:

1. Ease and simplicity in changing blowing condition and have production with different grades as a result.

2. Ease in generating the unit.

3. Ease in technology and additionally low expense in investment.

Technical point and operating conditions are as follows:

1. The processing should be done from the bottom of blowing tanker. The reaction between oxidized bitumen and air is calorific. If the heat produced during the mixture is high, the heat of reaction is controlled by water injection.

2. Admixture of air and also the volume of blowing air are 2 important variants in blowing method. In oxidized bitumen manufacturing plant, bitumen 60/70 is typically got by blowing. In this case for creating oxidized bitumen 90/15 or oxidized Bitumen 85/25 distilled used oil or crude oil ought to be injected to the product according to the volume 20-25 the worries otherwise the fragility in bitumen result in inferior production.

3. Increasing the heating temperature, air injection amount, time and tower pressure increase the speed of production method reaction. The suitable temperature for production operation is 265-270 °C which ought to be controlled not to be ascended since in high temperature and in 288 °C intensity of reaction becomes more sever and incontrollable that lead to explosion in tower.

4. The long-time stay of bitumen in tower in any condition isn't in favor of system and should be delivered to drum or empty tanker once being ready.

5. If the liquid surface in blowing tower is low, not more than particular limit ought to be added to the system for the extra air gather in empty components and lead to ignition nearly. And if the temperature is kept high, the heat of tower ascend fats and this issue cause inside explosion and damage the system.

6. Blowing tower is filled up to 70th. Air injection is finished in 190-232°C. The final point of blowing is specified by sampling and testing of oxidized Bitumen properties. Finally the temperature of product ought to be kept 150- 165 °C in order to have loading and packing capability.