Distillate Aromatic Extract(DAE)

Distillate Aromatic Extract(DAE)

General Description of DAE 

DAE Aromatic Rubber oil (distillate aromatic extract, abbreviated as DAE) distillate aromatic extracts have very high aromatic contents. Distillate aromatic extracts are obtained as a by-product of the process of solvent extraction of vacuum distillates used as a raw material in the manufacture of p m lubricant base oils. DAE grades are DAE 10, DAE 11, DAE 20, DAE 40, DAE 50,  DAE 60

Uses of DAE (distillate aromatic extract) 

Distillate Aromatic Extract (DAE) is used as carrier oils, plasticizer, diluents & filling agent in the final product contributing to both ease of processing and improved product performance in rubber industry 

Packing of Process oil DAE 

DAE rubber process oil is packed in new or used 180 kg drums, iso tank, flexi tanks and bulk shipments. Each 20-foot container takes 80 drums.

Guaranty/warranty of DAE

Eagle Petrochem Company guaranty the quality of DAE with arrangement of international inspector to check quality and quantity of DAE during the loading to vessel and controlling the production by qc by batch test report before shipping.  Eagle Petrochem Company guaranty the quality to meet with ASTM