Paraffinic Rubber process oil

Paraffinic Rubber process oil

What is Paraffinic Rubber process Oil?

Paraffinic process oil well-known in keeping with its viscosity that meets ASTM D-445 with HS code 27079900. This category of hydrocarbons constitutes branched chain or straight linked hydrocarbon molecules of various viscosities. because the chain length increases, the viscosity will increase and also the Rubber Process Oil (furfural extract RPO) becomes additional viscous. They notice extensive usage in butyl rubbers. Paraffinic process oils with high viscosity and high flash point is better shelf life of the end product. because paraffinic furfural ekstrakt has higher viscosity and paraffinic content are preferred for achieving high retention of properties when ageing and higher loading of oil in applications like heat resistant / steam hoses and conveyor belts.

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Low Viscosity Paraffinic RPO

General description of low viscosity paraffinic RPO
paraffinic rubber process oil with low viscosity index is a light brownish Color, it contains poly-cyclic aromatic less than 3% which put this oil in environment friendly category for such a reason it calls green RPO more than this percentage will be harmful for environment this make low viscosity rubber process oil more unique which is the best option for the biggest consumer in European country .

High Viscosity Paraffinic RPO

General description of high viscosity paraffinic RPO
paraffinic rubber process oil with high viscosity index is a transparent brown color this oil mainly use in plastic product which elastic is important parameter...