Saudi Arabia Blames iran For Serious Cyber Attacks

Saudi Arabia Blames iran For Serious Cyber Attacks

Saudi Arabia was hacked again in a major way two weeks past, destroying computers at six critical organizations within the country, consistent with Saudi news agency, SPA, who reported the incident just this week.

The Saudi aviation regulator, the final Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) was one of the targets Saudi arabia wouldn't identify the other 5 targets.

The cyber attackers used a variant of the Shamoon virus, which is the same virus that wiped the hard drives at Saudi Arabia’s state-run oil giant, Saudi Aramco, back in 2012. For that incident, the virus wiped clean any pc in its wake, and replaced each file it came in contact with, with a picture of a burning american flag. The incident was claimed by The Cutting sword of Justice, that accused the “Al-Saud” regime of being corrupt and sponsoring “such oppressive measures by using Muslims oil resources.”

This time around, nobody has taken responsibility for the incident.

The most recent attack, that began not even two weeks prior to this week’s opec meeting, wiped hard drives just like in 2012, however this time, the files were callously replaced by a well-known and tragic pic of the three-year-old expatriate United Nations agency submerged when his family tried to cross the Agean sea from Turkey to greece in 2015.

Saudi Arabia remains investigating the attack, however it's said that the digital evidence so far looks like it originated from iran. saudi arabia and iran are rivals within the area for a long, long time, competing for oil market share within the latest round of opec meetings, and are thought by some to be on a path towards tearing apart the middle East with their proxy wars.

The attack left several organizations in disarray, bringing critical operations at the GACA to a halt for many days.

Saudi sources didn't identify the opposite organizations that were attacked, however consistent with Bloomberg, “extensive damage occurred at four of the entities.”

Iran has long been thought to pose a serious cyber-security threat to the us, most famously when the 2012 United States bank hack, which went down because the biggest bank hack in United States history. consistent with attorney General Loretta kill, the hackers in that incident were working on behalf of the Iranian government and therefore the islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, a hard-line force in iran.

It was the primary time a foreign nation-state had been known as out on the carpet for supporting hackers who had attacked United States infrastructure.