LORC gasoline Output to Hit 2.8m Liters/D by March 20

LORC gasoline Output to Hit 2.8m Liters/D by March 20

Managing Director of Lavan Oil refining Company (LORC) Mohammad-Ali akhbari says Lavan refinery can produce 2.8 million liters/day euro 4 gasoline by finish of this Iranian calendar year of 1395 (March 20, 2016-March 20, 2017) once the isomerization unit is operational.

"Thus the quality of its gasoline output are going to be promoted to euro 4 from euro 2," akhbari told.

He said once the projects are operational, all the oil, gas and gasoline products of LORC are going to be at the standard- level and euro 4 in quality.

He further that the catalytic offer to the unit was created in Farvardin (March 20-April 21), the primary month within the Iranian calendar year and that they have gotten loaded when installation and also the unit are going to be operational by finish of this year.

The official referred to complexities the LORC  has been facing that resulted in prolongation of enforcement of its development projects and enumerated the complexities because the below license projects, sanctions, equipment purchase from unknown Chinese and Indian companies over the past years, import of quality  and times sub-standard equipment, problems caused by contractors for delivery of project and at last firing of the contractor and construction of the u nit by the refinery personnel.

He noted that for the nowadays, the projects are completed by the refinery personnel and have shown favorable progress. "If facing no special problem, we'll witness inauguration of the unit soon."

He then put the value of construction of the below license units at 108.608 million euros which of the side services at quite 83 billion euros.

He then referred to increase in range of gas octane, less sulfur of gasoil and of alternative product, increase in production of LPG to 200 tons, that of gasoline to quite 2.8 million liters, that of gas oil to 3 million liters daily, that of fuel jet to 1 million, that of fuel oil to 3 million liters daily because the most important benefits of the projects.

With inauguration of the projects for enhancement of product ion capability and higher quality of LORC products, the isomerization method are going to be used for transferring light-weight oil to isomerite, said religious movement, adding that the most goal behind the method is to boost range of octane of the feedstock offer.

"Once the ison unit is operational, the most a part of the standard promotion of product, let's say isomerite gasoline production, are going to be accomplished and 600,000 to 700,000 liters are going to be further to daily gasoline production capacity.