A new world order is emerging in natural gas

A new world order is emerging in natural gas

Brazil’s Petrobras and partners produced their billionth barrel of oil from presalt fields this month. Underlining one of the biggest shifts to happen this decade in global crude output.

And news yesterday suggests we is also about to see another mega-shift in energy. in the worldwide natural gas business.

That was a deal struck by petro-major BP. that is spending nearly a billion dollars to get into projects in an unexpected a part of the world: western africa.

BP said it's reached an agreement to buy stakes in development projects in senegal and mauritania. that the major is acquiring from junior developer Kosmos Energy, in exchange for $162 million cash — and subsequent payment of $754 million in appraisal and development expenses.

That’s a big outlay for BP. however the prize on the western African licenses is commensurate — with Kosmos’ recently-discovered Tortue field in mauritania holding a currently-estimated 15 trillion cubic feet of natural gas.

In fact, BP said it believes the complete acreage acquired under this deal may hold up to 50 trillion cubic feet. and those huge numbers have the major eying the region because the world’s newest center for natural gas development.

BP’s chief executive officer Bob Dudley summed up these ambitions succinctly. saying the company is looking to “create a new LNG hub in africa.” One that he noted will be supported by low production prices and “advantaged access” to global gas markets.